Process Servers in United States of America.

A process server is the person assigned  to deliver court documents or other legal
documents to litigants, witnesses and other interested parties. In United States process
servers may be have functions and authorization designed by the State, City or town where
they operate. Also depending on the district, State or jurisdiction a process server may be
called  "constable"," deputy sheriff", "marshal", "sheriff", or "emplazador".

The main activity of process serving in United States is delivering process. Process is
also another name for summons, subpoena, complaint, writ, citation, court order,
judgment, or any other type of legal paper served. By serving process we refer to the action
of delivering legal documents under the rules established by the State or the municipality.
For example one rule which is generally established nationwide is that no one who is a
party to a case may engage in serving papers to his opponent unless expressly authorized
by the Court or the legal procedure.

Is a Process Service Licensed Required ?

In many states legal process service is regulated by the government and a license is
needed if you choose to serve papers for a living. For instance, the State of New York does
not require a process service license if you serve process in certain cities but it mandates
a license for service of process in New York City and Long Island. The states of Nevada,
Florida and Connecticut also require an official license.

How is a Process Server Different form a Courier Service?

Process servers'  actions  of delivering papers somehow mimic the functions of  courier
services such as Federal Express, DHL, United States Postal Service and UPS. However
there are clear differences in terms of quality, quantity, procedures and record keeping. For
instance the postal service will bring an express mail package to your home but you will  
likely welcome it with open hands. Would you welcome a summons to appear in Court?

Unfortunately, legal process servers usually bear bad news for the recipients of the
papers they deliver. They bring  home foreclosures,  orders to appear in court,
summonses for child support ,  subpoenas to testify, etc. Generally most people avoid
receiving court papers. Indeed there are individuals who will react violently upon receiving
a court summons; therefore process serving is a  difficult viewed by many as the worst job
in the United States. Below is a general comparison between process service and mail

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