What is the Difference Between Legal Process Service and Courier Services in United States?
Legal Process Service
Mail Service (Courier Services)
    Examples :
    Superior Services JD, Inc.;
    New York Process Service;
    Massachusetts Constable Services
    FedEx, United States Postal Service, UPS, DHL, Urban Express.
    What they deliver :
    Summonses, citations, complaints, subpoenas and other court papers.
    Letters, documents, packages, staples and goods.
    Can they "serve" Court papers?
    Yes, serving is the process of delivering legal documents under the rules
    established by law. Process servers must deliver legal documents and
    issue affidavits of service
    No. Postal carriers may deliver court papers but they don't have
    authority to legally serve them.  Mailing a legal document via the
    postal service is not sufficient service in most jurisdictions.
    Fee for delivering a summons or
    a one-page Court document :
    In places like New York, the fee for process service may range from $95 to
    $225 per defendant served.
    The cost of mailing (From 49 cents to $35 depending on the
    speed of delivery and the address of the recipient).
    License needed?
    Yes. In most states and jurisdictions there are rules to comply with.  For
    process servers, licencing is required in New York, Nevada, Florida
    California, Massachusetts and other states.
    Most couriers only need a driver's license.
    All process servers must ALWAYS document the circumstances of
    service ,describe defendants and issue affidavits of service.
    Sometimes they are required to get signatures from addressees
    (Delivery confirmation). For regular mail no documentation needs
    to be completed.
    Is this service welcome by
    Rarely. Many times process servers must deal with process service
    evaders and violent individuals who do not appreciate getting served.
    They are almost always welcome.
Process Servers Directory
Process Server America

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    Recommended Process Servers in New York, NY

    New York Process Service
    54 Bristol Street, Suite 7F
    Brooklyn, NY 11212
    Phone: 718-277-2968
    Fax: 347-295-0244
    Web: www.newyorkprocessserver.org
    What Is a Process Server?

    A process server is an individual who delivers legal documents to parties involved in litigation, as
    required by law. Specific rules and procedures regulate the delivery of said court documents. This
    legal activity is also known as "service of process" or "process service".  Process servers (also
    known as "servers", "peace officers" , "deputy sheriffs" , "bailiffs" or "constables") are authorized to
    deliver process to defendants , witnesses or plaintiffs. The term "process" means any legal
    document that needs to be "served" (delivered), and it includes subpoenas, writs, orders to show
    cause, petitions, complaints, summonses, citations, judgments, court orders, notices to appear,
    notice to tenants, etc.

    Generally one of the main differences between a process server and a "delivery person" or courier is
    that process service usually involves delivery of legal documents and generally it is unwelcome by
    the recipients of process. Process servers deliver subpoenas, summonses, complaints, citations,
    petitions, court orders, notices, etc. Indeed, very few persons in United States look forward to
    getting served with a summons and complaint. Furthermore, process servers' actions and
    procedures are generally regulated and established by laws and courts.

    Although serving papers can be done by most persons over the age of 18 who are not parties
    involved in the legal matter, in many states and cities process servers must be licensed or
    registered. Certain cities also have specialized officers who function as process servers for specific
    cases. For example, in New York City, sheriffs, NYPD officers and marshals may effect process
    serving functions under certain circumstances. If you need an order of protection  (restraining order)
    served you have the right to go to your local stationhouse and ask any NYPD police officer to serve it.  
    NYC marshals will serve the final eviction papers on a tenant who has failed to pay rent.

    Process servers are required to maintain records of their activities and to state under oath that they
    have effected service (affidavit of service or service return).
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